Flat Pack

Furniture makers, electronics and equipment manufacturers who sell their products as component pieces want a fuss-free cardboard packaging solution that can ensure that their products can be flat pack for easy transportation.

When it comes to cardboard boxes for flat pack, your business wants a fuss-free solution. The packaging must be the right size to fit the different components of the piece of furniture or equipment. Time is money for your business, so it’s essential that the manufacturer provides outstanding service and delivers the packaging at the quickest possible time.

For the best cardboard boxes for flat packing requirements, call the experts of cardboard box packaging – Custom Boxes, Sydney.

Custom Boxes produce tough, corrugated cardboard boxes that are made-to-measure. We also have special printers that can customise your company’s name, address, and logo onto the boxes we manufacture for your business.

Our no-limits order policy means you can order as many or as few cardboard boxes as you need. We give special discounts for bulk orders.

Our corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons are designed to withstand any type of condition. We custom-make the cardboard boxes to your specific measurements to make it easy for you to store and ship your products.

Our made-to-measure boxes means that you can now pack all the components in a flat pack that is easy for your customers to transport home for assembly.

Custom Boxes Flat Pack Boxes Quality Standards

At Custom Boxes, every order is important to us. As far as we are concerned, it’s not just a box, it’s a cost-saving packaging solution for your business.

Expect our flat pack boxes to be:
- Durable
- Easy-to-assemble
- Environmentally-friendly
- Recyclable
- Reusable

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Custom Boxes answers your questions about cardboard flat pack boxes:  

What are flat pack storage boxes? 

Cardboard flat pack boxes are slim profile boxes that provide easy transportation of items that have smaller components. These include but are not limited to 

  • Office desks 
  • Coffee tables 
  • Dining tables 
  • Whiteboards 
  • Flatscreen Televisions
  • Desktop screens
  • Picture frames
  • Paintings
  • Framed mirrors

Where can I find locally sourced flat pack boxes in Australia? 

Thanks to our prime Sydney location, Custom boxes is your one-stop shop for all your cardboard box needs. Our tough and nominally priced environmentally friendly shipping boxes provide top-of-the-line protection for your items. 

Can I customise my boxes?

For us it’s all in the name - Custom boxes give you the adequate tools to make sure your company logo and item details are printed correctly and creatively on your box. Choose what colour, thickness and style you want your pack to come in to align with your product style. 

Since this is one of the first things they see when receiving your product, we want to make sure your packaging looks amazing. 

How can I ensure that the quality of my flat pack boxes will be maintained? 

At Custom Boxes, our account managers ensure that your orders come in perfectly. We guarantee that the quality will be checked before we send out shipments. If you are not happy with your final product, we will make sure we work toward creating the perfect solution for you. 

Are flat pack boxes expensive?

Absolutely not! Since they are slimmer packages, it determines how much you pay for them. Additionally, the cost lowers per box if you order bigger amounts at Custom boxes. 

What are the advantages of flat pack boxes? 

These boxes are an effective space-friendly solution for your products. Prior to assembly, you want a box that will hold all the smaller pieces of your finished product so that they reach the customer in a neat and easy to dispose of flat pack. In addition, they are also easy to deliver to and from locations. Since people in Australia tend to keep their packaging for warranty purposes, you want your packaging to be easy to tuck away into a corner and flat pack boxes serve this purpose perfectly. 

An added bonus is that our products are sustainably produced and recyclable - making your company take green steps and care for the environment. 

What are the guarantees that Custom Boxes offer for our customers? 

We ensure that your product will: 

  • Be safe and well-protected in our boxes
  • Look great with your logos and instructions 
  • Come with a planet-friendly promise 
  • Be easy to stack and store in warehouses

If you want to get started on ordering some flat pack boxes today, the best way to get to us will be through our online form.

If you reckon you will need a different model of packaging for your products, we specialise in boxes of all kinds so feel free to browse through our list of specs and pick the perfect one for your company!