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We’re extremely proud to offer custom boxes and custom packaging services that are known for the fastest turnaround times, have complete freedom in the design and dimensions, as well as supplying the most financial and environmentally sustainable solutions for your business. Our family owned and operated business has been in the packaging industry since 2013, here you’ll be greeted with a team of people who understand the pain points of finding the perfect custom box and will go above and beyond to find just that for you. Our products are made to measure, meaning we manufacture cardboard boxes using our advanced machinery that can be specific to the size and shapes of your goods. There is no order limit either so whether you’re looking for custom printed boxes, custom product packaging or just custom boxes with logo you can order two or two thousand at a time. So what does that mean for your business? Firstly you don’t need to fork out hundreds of dollars on unnecessary quantities of packaging, but rather focus that money elsewhere in your company. You also don’t need to spend money holding your custom boxes in warehouses, and can free up more space in your office. Money that was allocated for wasteful filling inventory can be saved.

Most companies fail to see the power in custom packaging and customer shipping boxes. We strongly believe that your customers and clients need to be wowed from the moment they receive your product, to the moment they finally decide to discard the packaging. Who said custom shipping boxes had to be boring? Working with us means you have complete freedom to design and display your message from the outside, not just from the inside. Our team is eager to develop custom boxes in Australia that will add value to your customer experience. Our ultimate goal is to create custom packaging that is reused or given another life, like the materials used to create it in the first place. We know the significant impact the packaging industry has on the environment, which is why we’re excited to lead the way with custom boxes that are conscious of the footprint it leaves behind. At Custom Boxes our entire product range is manufactured with environmentally-friendly and recyclable raw materials.