Standard Boxes

Custom Boxes is proudly Australian with more than five years’ experience in delivering effective cardboard packaging solutions for all types of businesses.

When it comes to cardboard box packaging, your business wants a fuss-free solution. The manufacturer must be able to make all types of cardboard boxes. Time is money for your business, so it’s essential that the manufacturer provides outstanding service and delivers the packaging at the quickest possible time.

For the best cardboard boxes, call the experts of cardboard box packaging – Custom Boxes, Sydney.

Custom Boxes produce tough, corrugated cardboard boxes that are made-to-measure. We also have special printers that can customise your company’s name, address, and logo onto the boxes we manufacture for your business.

Custom Boxes cardboard boxes guarantee

When you order Custom Box cardboard boxes, you are guaranteed of the following:
- A comprehensive range of standard cardboard box measurements for all types of businesses and industries.
- Customisable cardboard boxes. We use modern printers that can print your company’s name, address, and logo onto the boxes we manufacture.
- Superior quality raw materials. We use the highest grade cardboard to make our boxes.
- Sustainable. Our products are friendly to the environment and 100% recyclable.
- Convenient. Our cardboard boxes arrive as a flat-pack. They are easy to store and super easy to assemble.
- Affordable. We keep our prices low and competitive.
- Bulk order discounts. We give special discounts to bulk orders and long-term contracts.
- Fuss-free. We have an easy-to-use online order system to facilitate your orders. We also entertain orders by phone, email or in-person.
- Fast delivery. We are a large manufacturer with the capabilities to deliver your order in the fastest time.

Custom Boxes Cardboard Boxes Standards

Our cardboard packaging is made from extra-strong corrugated cardboard. We pay special attention to ensuring that our boxes are:
- Durable
- Easy-to-assemble
- Environmentally-friendly
- Recyclable
- Reusable
- Super-strong

For the most comprehensive range of standard cardboard boxes, call the experts at Custom Boxes. We process your order immediately, make and deliver the boxes quickly so you can save on unnecessary storage or last-minute urgent shipping costs.

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